Jennifer Sudbury - REALTOR ®

307 W Tremont Ave, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28293

Dynamo Realtor® and Problem Solver

Jenn has the chops. 

With extensive professional experience in finance, operations, and property management, she has the expertise to truly deliver - and she will work relentlessly to go above and beyond for her clients.

Her background in accounting, operations, and property management empowers her ability to craft an exclusive client experience - she offers a five-star concierge level of service due to her innate ability to translate complex data and intricate plans into the hard-hitting bottom line.

A relentless negotiator, she thrives in navigating the real estate process to find the best solution for all.

But at the heart of it, Jenn has one constant non-negotiable: she always listens. 

A future farmer and former beekeeper, Jenn knows how to navigate the hive of real estate to turn your experience into that sweet honey - to help you take the next step in discovering your dream home.